GOLDEN is a neighborhood home for hand selected fashion picks by Elin Jackson and Lindsay Curtis. Imagine fabulous finds in a luxurious, fun and feminine atmosphere. Whether seeking tried and true pieces from favorite brands or hoping to discover a new line, GOLDEN is more than a's a conveniently located fantasy closet. GOLDEN offers a collection of great designers, plus talented and friendly people, incredible service and a social gathering place.

Lindsay Curtis managed dozens of associates to the tune of $5 Million per fiscal cycle with Saks Fifth Avenue for years, working with luxury brand vendors and the New York buying office on a daily basis. Her time with the global juggernaut saw her micro-managing inventory and acquiring an over-the-top understanding of customer service, vendor relations, merchandising and “clienteling.”

Elin Jackson is parlaying twenty years of experience buying accessories and jewelry plus contemporary and luxury apparel for Neiman Marcus, local luxury outpost Tootsies, Uptown Park mainstay Elizabeth Anthony, and, eventually, River Oaks boutique Brooke Feather into what she sees as the perfect shopping destination, whether virtual or brick and mortar.